Copy: Emma Kjaer
Art Direction: Makayla Gonzalez

Welcome to the new age of buying used. The movement: un-doom the thrift boom.

Instead of seeking secondhand goods to flip for profit, buy, cherish, and trade-in the garments that make us, and put an end to the thrift poachers.


The second-hand clothing industry’s affordability and sanctity hangs in the balance.

Pop-up Shop

“Thrifting Unraveled,” is an in-store experience for consumers to see how price gouging affects their secondhand shopping experience, and how ThredUp is the natural remedy.

Two of the same type of garment will be showcased in a museum style: one will be purchased from a third-party reseller and the other from ThredUp’s stock…the price discrepancy will do the rest.

Un-doom The Thrift Boom