Intimina Ziggy Cup

Copy: Emma Kjaer
Art Direction: Joy Boykin

Sex. It’s what we crave, immortalize in our art, and riddle throughout our lives. An urge that’s responsible for our existence, yet somehow, we’re shamed for it.

Menstruation. An act of nature that torments 65 days, ⅕ of each year. One that can’t be controlled, yet somehow, we’re shamed for it.

Noticing a pattern?

What we’re shamed for, the taboos we’re taught to avoid, are the very things that make us human.

Period sex is an act of nature.
So, feed the urge. We’ll hold back the mess, while you handle the rest.

Don’t be afraid to get jiggy with it.

Blood Magic

A Ziggy Zine
Historically Zines have been an artful way to spread information, art, and address the taboo.

Which is why we made this zine for menstruators, those who need a place to be inspired: seek information, solace, empowerment and spark the mood that eludes so many during this time.
To make Blood Magic.



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Bed the Red: Sex-Ed

Just as there’s no right time or place to menstruate, there’s no ‘right time or place’ to learn about the proper way to insert, care-for and use your Ziggy cup.

After all, the insertion and removal process is the largest barrier to use for many menstraters. Intimina Ziggy Cup will cramp city sidewalks, Costco warehouses, office lobbies, train stations, college campuses, because Menstration alone is a taboo worth talking about.

Strategic Product Placement

From the depths of department store aisles and dusty corner shelves, the Ziggy cup will be displayed prominently next to compatible products like: condoms, sex toys, sheets and Midol.  

Get Jiggy With It