Electro Harmonix

Copy: Emma Kjaer
Art Direction: Tyler Pena

Anyone can become someone. It just takes a spark.

Whether its luck, genius, pure talent, or all of the above, a single moment can ignite a lifelong change. So, why spin your wheels chasing someone else’s sound?

Invention breeds attention, while convention seeds detention. Why waste your time chasing their feel, their frequency, when it’s more unique, more innovative to find your own. Simple on the surface, a box of wires and knobs soldered together, a pedal is the tool that separates good from the great.

Why not, play it like you?

The Endless Jam - Public Installations

Similar to EHX’s pop-up listening booths, Electro-Harmonix will travel to events and venues across the country with their mobile “Endless Jam” playrooms.

In a moving semi-truck, EHX will bring all the effects and gear necessary to help you find your signature sound.

Signature Sound Booths

From pros to novices, become engulfed in their audio fingerprint through Electro-Harmonix’s Signature Sound Booths.

Powered by projections, lights will adapt and warp with the music allowing people to visually experience the unique style of artists who have shaped their sound using EHX effects pedals. While the sound booth’s private setting allows you to fully escape into the artist’s tone.

These sound booths will pop-up all across the country at music festivals, concerts, and conventions.

All in the hopes that listeners will get inspired to start tinkering with and creating their own signature sound using the best effects pedals in the industry.

Play it like you.